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Statins for migraine? Really?

This is sort of funny. Was reading finnish newspaper and saw this article which started :" statins and vitamin D helps migraine".

Had to read the whole article. It said they have studied statins vitamin D combo and had good results. After six months 30% of patients said they got relief.

In the end of the article it said they do not know whether it was statins or vitamin D which relieved migraines (lol). But statins for treating migraine looks promising.


There was no proper source for this study. Googled a bit and what I found was a study about vitamin D helping those patients who gets migraine from statins.

Sigh X 1000.

As this was in finnish newspaper I wonder did it have catching title to make people believe statins are good and people would have positive image of statins.

So they have this wonderful medication, statins and now they have to figure out more ways to use it as it truly is a proper money maker.

I guess they soon try to push statins for any illness.

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Justiina, There were UK newspaper reports during the summer saying statins prevent breast cancer. A few days later the sister newspaper reported statins caused cancer. I'm waiting to hear that statins will make world peace break out and cure the common cold too :o


Lol. Fortunately we these days have access to many kind of data and we dont have to buy it all!


They're not gonna give up until we are all on it!! I read somewhere that there was actually an idea once to pump it directly into our water supply! That might be urban myth but you can guarantee some drug company would try lobbying for it if they thought they could get away with it.


I have heard that too, I think they actually were considering it! That is sick.

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Interesting about the VitD. Dr Sarah Myhill discusses Statins in her latest book and mentions that their only positive effect in the body - is one similar to VitD. Am guessing that is the anti-inflammatory aspect. She is not a Statin fan.....


Well, they've got so sell it for something since the cholesterol link has been debunked. The side effects woudl still be the same.


No-one needs statins they are deadly and no help.

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