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my blood results

ok so here are my results. I do not have a b12 as I am on 3 monthly injections so they will not retest as the previous ones were ok.

spooky they were done exactly 12months apart

2014 serum prolactin 191.0 2015 not tested

serum TSH 1.2 serum TSH 0.92

free thyroxine 11.0 free thyroxine 11.2

plasma c reactive 5.5 not tested

so on this what are your thoughts

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I get B12 injections every 12 weeks and have been told by my doctor that once on injections there is no point in testing again because there will always be a false result.


Well, there's not much to go on, is there. No antibodies, no FT3 and no range for the FT4. All I can see is that the TSH has gone down a bit, but that's meaningless. Sorry, can't help.


Hi I would just like to say that 3 monthly B12 injections will not do much at all. My husband is on B12 now once a month. At first it was twice a week, then once a week now once a month. I do not understand why they only do once every 3 months as it disappears from the body really rapidly.


If the ranges for the FT4 (free thyroxine) results are the normal ones (eg 11-22) then you FT4 is right at the bottom of the range. Have you got the range (usually figures in brackets) there?

If your FT4 is at the bottom of the range and your TSH is not increasing (to ask your thyroid politely to work a bit harder and produce more T4) then you may have a pituitary problem ("central hypothyroidism").


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