On NDT & inactive at moment with flu

Hi, Can anyone tell me if this has happened to them. I've been ill for almost 3 weeks in bed at home and very sedentary, almost better but It seems that perhaps being inactive affected my usual ndt dose 2 and half grains. Bit hyperish fast pulse 141, loose motions sweats , like a build up. Do you think its the t3 in the ndt being unused and builds up. Just a thought.


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You are probably right. I think it may have been in Dr Peatfield's book that he said he taught his patients to adjust their dose as you need more in cold weather or if you are very active, and you need less in hot weather or inactive such as lounging by the pool.

Try cutting back for a few days and see if that helps.

Hope you are better soon.

Thanks so much, I think that's exactly right. As when you exercise you use up your t3 faster. So dam tricky at times.


In a word - yes. I think that we have to monitor ourselves constantly, and adjust our dose as appropriate. Taking your basal temperature first thing in the morning (before you get up) with a good digital thermometer can also tell you what is going on, but of course the readings may be a bit 'out' during times of illness when our bodies are fighting infection.

thyroid changes with seasons and I wonder if it is not because we get less d3 from the sun....but I find that I need more in the winter months or I have to tweak just a little bit.......sweating is too much for me, or hyperfeeling or racy heart means too much for me or dry eyes......and cold, weak, pain , and fatigue signals me I am too low or t4 t3 is off

...if it is persistent......

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