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ive had my thyroid checked they did the normal tsh test and liver, kidney and a few others like blood count, all back normal and was told that as inflammation was not shown then there was no need to worry about disease. firstly I know I have to get the results printed for this time and the one last year. Ive been told I have depression or chronic fatigue. It took them over 12 months to find out I neede b12 injections. Im sooooooooooooooooooooo tired all the time and for almost a month my throat and jaw hurt. my hands hurt and dont seam to work so well, no intrest in sex, weight gain and everything feels such an effort. Do I take what they said and that they seam to think im a hyper condriact or push and if i push what for?????????????????

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  • Awhhhhh hun, I feel the same as you, getting fogged off all the time. My levels have been border line for almost two years now and they keep telling me the same story. I'm pushing to see an Endo, mabe you should do the same. Have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, but think I may have the start of hyperthyroidisium. Don't give up, go and see another doc if you can and write everything down. Good luck :) xx

  • Those are all symptoms of hypothyroidism as I have all of the myself. Try wellwoman fizz tablets for the tiredness they seem to help me. Just push to get your thyroid checked and ask what result is.

  • Yes push. My thyroid functions came back normal I had fatigue n mental disorders, which after thyroid removal have diminished. My saving grace was developing a lump in thyroid area. I had a very slow developing cancer which told could have had for ten to fifteen years. B12 good n better for heavy alcohol drinkers. Thyroid disorders n mental disorders linked, as are fatigue n aches. Try for ultra sound n then if need be a second doctors opinion.

  • My white blood cell count was up. I was diagnosed with unknown facial swelling at least six years before I developed a lump. Check out white blood cell count. X

  • Definitely get the results printed - my GP said everything was "normal" and when I got them printed there where TEN asterisks where my levels were either too low or too high - she completely ignored them or didn't bother looking in the first place!


    it took me a year to be diagnosed, I just kept seeing different doctors, eventually learnt that I need my thyroid antibodies tested and hey presto they ever off the scale! Now they are not there having a party! They were attacking my thyroid.

    Do not accept depression, CFS, fibromyalgia as a diagnosis, they are SYMPTOMS

    Ask your GP does he/she know what B12 deficiency is??? Push for your injections sooner.


  • Ibezababe, they have no idea what they're talking about, because they know nothing about symptoms of low thyroid. You must keep pushing.

    When you get your results, make sure you get the ranges - they try to be sneaky and not give you the ranges, but results are useless without them. Then, post them on here and people will have a better idea what's going on with you, and can advise about other tests that might be needed. Chin up! :)

  • Please see if you can see a rheumatologist and speak about Fibromyalgia. Good luck. X

  • This is taken from " notes from an endocrinologists lecture" normally hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism disease does not cause localized pain in the neck or referred pain to the face or dental structures . One exception that occasionally occurs is pain that arises from Hashimoto's thyroiditis which is an autoimmune inflamatory disease of the thyroid gland . It can cause painful or tender enlargement of the thyroid and in a small percentage of cases pain can be referred to the mandible or other submandibular sites : note the mandible is the lower jaw , submandibular is the area beneath the lower jaw . I had this pain for years but told 'you do not get pain from thyroid disease so it must be caused by something else there is nothing wrong connected to your thyroid your thyroid blood tests prove you have not got a thyroid problem! I had all the awful symptoms of hypo but because bloods came back normal it was dismissed . Over the years I have been shouted at called a stupid woman there is nothlng wrong with you you're just depressed it's all in your head and eventually told you have CFS/ fibro do what others do go home and just live with it!! it took years for me to be given a trial of thyroxine and after a few weeks many of my symptoms disappeared or eased and no pain. Ok i am not 100 percent well yet but so grateful to the doctor who agreed to prescribe thyroid hormone going against blood tests . Jay

  • Low B12 and thyroid problems often go hand in hand. Don't give up, ask for copies of your blood test results and get your antibodies tested. Post your results on here for more advice. MariLiz

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