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Nutrionist recommendation

I have Hastimotos thyroiditis and have recently changed from Levo to NDT. Feeling ok though can't say much better and no weight lost. I still feel very bloated and can't seem to lose weight even though I am eating mainly paleo style. Can anyone recommend a good local nutritionist/dietician in Surrey - I live near Guildford and Leatherhead. Many thanks

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I doubt you need a nutritionist. What you need is a good endo. I doubt your weight has anything to do with what you eat. It's more likely to be low T3. Give the NDT time to work. It's not an aspirine. It takes time for the T3 to infiltrate the receptors - and it takes enough T3! You probably aren't on a high enough dose, yet.

If you're eating a paleo-style diet, that means no processed food or sugar, that's good! Just make sure you get enough fat and salt. I'm not a nutritionist but I've had heaps more experience of Hashi's eating than the average nutritionist.

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