Father of a child you suffered a TBI after turning 11 years of age. He's been suffering from it ever since!

Father of a child you suffered a TBI after turning 11 years of age.  He's been suffering from it ever since!

My son was the picture of health, confidence, athleticism, and strength! Then right after his 11th birthday two boys ended all that causing the back of my son's head to strike the earth so violently that his brain in the brain pan was described as sounding like a 'melon breaking' when his head struck the ground! I've been struggling with both my wife and the 'medical profession' to get him the proper help ever since and he's now 19 and it appears he hasn't long to live! I've added his picture just prior to the TBI and his picture a year later! No one seems to be moved by the difference! I despise this damn country! He couldn't even grow teeth! We got him on synthetic HGH but he's been off it for years and now he's suffering all sorts of health issues!

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I am sorry that life has dealt such a blow to your family, and you and your wife had to cope with the disastrous effect caused by the injury to your son's head.

The photo of your son shows what a lovely, healthy boy he was and I am sorry you appear not to have been given the assistance required to help relieve the family in some way.

Does your son also have a problem with his thyroid gland as I've read that injuries could affect it and may cause hypothyroidism?

Sometimes it's very difficult to carry the burden of 'what might have been' and I am sorry you don't appear to have been given the help one would have thought forthcoming.

I will keep your family in my thoughts and I wonder if this association could help/advise.


Best wishes.

I simply have not been able to rely on American medicine. Virtually every Doctor is so frightened of the insurance companies that they simply won't do what is required, testing and such! Some Doctor's simply won't see him and I'm 'insured', yet last year alone despite having what's been described as great health insurance plan my wife and I spent over $11,000 out of pocket over and above this absurd insurance plan!

the only thing that I can say to you is that you ALL have my sincerest heartfelt thoughts and compassion ..... I would never , ever wish to go through what you all have already .... I wouldn't be able to even imagine it !!.... , but rest assured that your son DOES know that you all care, love , and are part of him .......... from across the pond please accept my truly heartfelt compassion to ALL OF YOU and remember that you will never be alone in your thoughts ......... alan xxx

Alan, thank you for your empathy! I almost started crying...

but , no-where near the tears that I feel for you all ..... I have 1 son that is just older than yours , and he has deep learning difficulties and he is my life ----- I could be in your position now !!!! ---- you may not get anywhere of substance , but , I and I will not be the only one that will be with you ALL in your thoughts , prayers , and hopes in this despairing time .......alan xxx

Alan under no circumstances should any country embrace for-profit health care! Health care should be a vocation motivated by compassion and healing!

if only it were for philanthropic purposes solely ...... but , as we all know that is very few and far between to the detriment of all of us ...... alan xx

Does this mean that any head injury can result in hypothyroidism?


Your anguish is plain.

Despite the differences in the two photographs, your son is a beautiful boy, with a smile that lights up the world.

Why do you say it appears he has not long to live?

I have two dearly loved sons, and my heart aches for you in your pain.

How can we help?

My son over time is tolerating less and less food, losing hair, cannot grow bone nor and his gums are receding plus he is suicidal at this point!

By the way he just turned 19 and he is no longer smiling he suffers each and every waking day and 'health care' in this country is a joke, with or without insurance!

He has NO quality of life, each and every day is torture. He is happiest when asleep but only when he dreams of how he used to be! Athletic, great dancer, great personality but way too trusting as was I!

I'm so very sorry to learn he is suffering so badly, and no longer smiling. How painful for you to witness. It tears us apart to see our loved ones in pain and feel helpless to make things better.

As parents we want to make things better if we can, and suffer for our children and their pain.

How do you feel we can help you? Do you think his thyroid is in trouble?

Sending hugs to you and your family


I am so sorry for what has happened to your son and his family. I have two boys and cannot imagine what you are all going through.

Has he been tested for Hypopituitarism which can affect people after traumatic brain trauma?

We are in the process! But over here it takes months to see a doctor as health care is rationed!

I hope he gets seen soon and you get some kind of satisfactory diagnosis on what is going on at present.

Thank You! His original endocrinologist could fit Devon in for 8 months so we are seeing another next month! Gathering records as there is no central database, what a pain!

Oh gosh, all I can say is that this breaks my heart. I cannot see to write for my tears.

You might find it worth visiting this site:


The site "owner" is an occasional poster here.

Yes! Very helpful!

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