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I thought it would be nice to share some positive news with you all. I've been following a 5:2 fasting regime (2 days on 500 cals to 5 days of "normal" eating) for about 3 months, with a 2 week break for my holiday, and for the first time in more than a decade I got below the 10 stone mark (I'm about 5'3" so still need to lose a little more).

This really is a break through for me, as I have exercised regularly and watched what I eat without any real big difference, other than NOT putting on any more weight, so I am super happy to see my body shape returning to what it used to be. To see shape in my legs and for my face to look like me (albeit a lot older, lol) is phenomenal.

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  • Well done.

    Story about "you" in the Guardian today:

    :-) :-) :-)


  • Apologies, Rod, I didn't press correct tab - Thanks for the article, it was very interesting. :o)

  • Well done!

    That's great! I've been following the 5:2 plan since the beginning of April and, like you, this is the first thing I've tried that's actually made a difference (and I always watch what I eat too).


  • Thanks Ana, have you also managed to lose a noticeable amount of weight, as well? Previously I might lose a pound, or two, then it would quickly go back up, again. I like the idea that the cells will repair in the hope that it might resolve some of the underactive thyroid issues.

  • Yes, definitely a noticeable amount. People who hadn't seen me for a while definitely noticed. I'd tried things like Slimming World before, but would only lose about half a stone and then quit the plan after three months because it's just too tedious, but 5:2 seems sustainable.


  • I put weight ON with Weight Watchers and they didn't seem to know what to advise! Definitely sustainable, if you can reduce to one day maintenance once you are at the weight you want to be. Fingers crossed that's true!

  • Thanks for that, a very interesting article.


  • Well done indeed!!

    We tried 5:2 fasting, and were impressed by the weight loss without too much effort, and I do think there are many other health benefits. However, for me it was impossible to continue because of my acid reflux! I might try again someday though!

  • What a shame, JudyS, though I would have thought that, in time, the acid reflux would abate, if the cell repair does its job, as per the book's explanation of what benefits there are to be gained from the 5:2 regime.

  • I'm hopeful that I can give it another go. I'm trying ginger for the acid reflux at the moment - with great trepidation, I have to say, since anything with a strong taste/spiciness can set it off, even onion. But I'm working on a strategy involving prebiotics, weight loss, and a bed wedge, plus a little mind-over-matter, and trying to reduce the acid-reducers with support from sodium alginate.

  • Terriann 123 plan works for me and I am hypothyroid.

  • I haven't heard of that one SB

  • It's on Facebook. Lots of support and a one off payment for life of £11.99 RT :)

  • That is fantastic news! Well done!

    I really must give this a try. I might have to do 6:1 though as I work full time and 27 6 year olds are not fun when your blood sugar is a little low ;) I would have Saturday as my fast day.

    Like you, I too manage to lose a few pounds only for it to stop and go back up again whilst still following the plan. So infuriating! Perhaps this will work better.

    Congratulations on your achievement :)

    Carolyn x

  • Thanks CarolynB. 6:1 is better than nothing, but it's a maintenance way of doing it, so you ought, by rights to not put on weight, though you may lose a little to start with, as I did, but then no more! The 5:2 is what was needed and it took about a month for me to notice a difference, then after 2 months other people started commenting.

  • I've found the 5:2 to be the only diet which works for me. (There are many more posts about this on here.)

    I lost 24lbs, which was my target. At 5'10" tall I can carry the extra pounds but would rather not.

  • Wow, that's brilliant penny. An extra pound or two may feel heavy, even though it isn't - I feel sluggish and now the weight is dropping off my energy levels are so much better.

  • hi, can I ask what medication you are on for the hypo? and whether that helped you lose any weight, or if it didn't make any difference? I've 5:2'd for over a year now, and lost 12 pounds initially, and been maintaining for a while, but now been diagnosed Hypothyroid and given 50mcg per day of thyroxine, just wondered whether this would help me lose more weight?

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