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Take an even strain!

Lots of people on this site are told that subnormal TSH is bad for you on thyroid therapy. My wife has had a totally destroyed thyroid for 46 years. She's on T4 only (125,150 alternately) and has never had a detectable TSH in all that time. No osteoporosis, v occasional AF. Last blood test this month gave TSH 0.06, FT4 16.7. TSH subnormal, FT4 in the middle of the range. At 76 she is doing well for her age. Just a note to say that lifelong suppressed TSH needn't be a problem, short term or long.

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So good to hear this Diogenes. Gives us all hope. Hope your wife continues to do well.


Good to hear ! I too have a suppressed TSH which panicked a Doc I saw recently. I tried to explain I am T3 only - but he was not to be moved. He sent me for a bone scan and much to his surprise it was over 90% ! Any heart beat issues have resolved since being on T3 only.....

We have to go by how we feel......

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Thanks for your post and am glad you're wife is doing well.

It is the medical profession that restrict patients from taking a dose of thyroid hormones which make them feel well again. Dr Toft ex of the BTA does say that some need to have a suppressed TSH to feel well but the modern younger Endos now insist that the TSH has to be 'in range' and thus keeping patients unwell.

One even went on to say at a Conference of worldwide Endos that if a patient has complaints about levothyroxine but the TSH is in range that the patient is suffering from a 'Somatization Disorder'.

(p.s. Diogenes - you already know about the above).

Reply Heres the link to a paper which confirms that low tsh levels caused by taking thyroid meds do not lead to osteoporosis.


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Dead right

my husbands TSH has been zero for yrs

anyone with Central Hypothyroid will always have low or suppressed TSH

time the medics recognised this and actually bothered to understand the pituarity to thyroid feedback system


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