Dr Berg's Body Types

Although not wholly concerning the thyroid, as so many of the endocrine systems are interlinked and a lot of us with thyroid problems also have adrenal dysfunction of some sort, I found this seminar which had a lot of useful information on there. For once, this is a doctor doing a seminar on how to help yourself and advocating prevention which I found quite refreshing!

I hope the link comes out OK!

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  • Fasinating, thanks for sharing :) xxx

  • Hi Hunny, after a slow start, he made some very interesting points. Explaining the body types which are outward expressions of inner problems was fascinating. If you slide to about the 28 min mark, he explains more about the adrenal glands and also the ending if you don't have time for the whole presentation. It's worth listening to. Thanks for posting.

  • I was watching this and thinking where I have heard this before... I have dr Diana Schwarzbeins books, which I consider my bible, which promote the same idea . I enjoyed listening this, not just dr Berg was funny-ish, but because they make so much sense.

    To become healthy you dont need to lose weight. You have to be healthy to lose weight. So simple, so valuable as an advice to people who are struggling with their weight and trying all ridiculous diets and become more and more ill. Doctors are not trained to understand the bigger picture, they just give you some diet and tell you to exercise more. If you dont lose weight they tell you are lazy and eating in secret.

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