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What do you suggest?

I took my 15 yr old daughter to see the Dr as she was experiencing palpitations ( all tests were normal) she had some other tests done, results as follows-

TSH 0.740 (0.4-4.0)

FT4 1.1 (0.8-2.0)

Ferritin 39.2 (4.2-75)

She had these bloods due to my daughter feeling tired, huge weight gain etc and since I have hypothyroidism she wanted to rule this out. I questioned Dr about low T4 but she almost bit my head off about when I mentioned that she be upper half or higher in the range. Looking at results do I have reason to be concerned.

I had my 12 yr old checked also ......

TSH 2.71 (0.36--5.5)

FREE T4 1.0. (0.8-2.0)

What do you think about these results and what do you suggest?

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This is a link:

Free T3 is important (explanation on above link) and if GP wont do one you can get it privately.

Also antibodies required to know if it's an Autoimmune Thyroid Disease called Hashimotos.


The TSH of 2.7 is v worrying, isn't it? Could you get private antibody tests for both of them? The GP won't do this, but you would be in a stronger place in arguing for regular tests for your daughters if the results were positive.

I'm planning to kidnap my 20 year old daughter next time I can and antibody test her. Her TSH was only 2 when last tested, but her perpetually cold extremities and tiredness make me think she may be on her way.

PS. Whatever Clutter says will be right.

PPS. Are you in the UK? Where roughly? They are v unusual ferritin ranges. In absolute terms, 40 would be low and could be connected with the palpitations. As a girl having periods, some modest iron supplementation - at least the daily RDA to top up what she is eating - might help.


This might be worth a read on how at least part of the mainstream medical world regards sub-clinical hypo in children. And there might be a stray fact in it of use.


Hi Susan

I had my daughter tested at the doctors when she was 15 and they only tested t4 and TSH for thyroidism which were in range and like you, made to feel like a neurotic mother by questioning results. A year on, I've paid for private tests which have highlighted raised T3 (along with other things) so my daughter definitely has an undiagnosed issue there. I'm annoyed because if the docs had of tested t3 a year ago my daughter might be well on her way to feeling better now. Instead she is about to take a levels and has all this going on. Listen to your instinct, you know your children. And for thyroid, you definitely need a full thyroid panel done to really understand if there is an issue there X


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