sick in the morning - not pregnant!

Hi all

Sometimes I vomit in the morning and wondered if this was to do with the thyroid issue.

It can happen a couple of times in a week then not for weeks.

I always take my tablets first thing, then have a cup of tea (no milk - it doesn't agree with me) then I start to feel sick. I vomit then I'm absolutely fine!!

I've been on 125mg of thyroxine for years, since the menopause, and seemed to be fine until more recently when I've just felt generally unwell. I had a thyrodectomy when I was 26 (I'm now 65) and I don't know if it was partial or total but I had no tablets until menopause so I suppose it must have been partial??

My latest bloods (Sept 15) are...

TSH <0.05 (0.4 - 5.5)

freeT4 26 (11 - 26)

free T3 3.7 (3 - 6)

I suppose they tested the T3 because the TSH is out of range. It's been like this for ages. Sometimes the doc will try to reduce my medication because of the low TSH but I protest and he concurs!!

Any ideas? Thank you

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  • I used to do that regularly, but now only every few months. I always thought it was low cortisol (and it has improved as my adrenals have improved)

  • Thanks. I haven't had any private testing done yet but do you think the adrenal saliva test is a good one to start with?

  • It depends what you wnt th results for. If it is just for your own use, to self treat, then it can be useful, but the NHS won't take any notice of it (unless you have Addison's or Cushings disease).

    I'd try one of the adrenal symptom testers first, to see if you need it. I think Dr Alan Christianson has one (see ) I think Dr Lam also has one - they have different views

  • I've tried that link a few times but it won't work :(

    I'll try again tomorrow. I've also emailed them to let them know it's not working.

  • It's HU's %&**(*() linking

    Although it works from the original link in Opera and FireFox, IE isn't bright enough to figure it out on my PC.

  • I've even now tried it with Firefox but it still won't work. I can get on the link you gave but the link on that site, to the actual quiz, is a nono!

  • At last it works - thank you :)

  • ...and I scored 44!! I think I need to take this further haha

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