Feeling exhausted and weak

Hi people, been feeling totally exhausted, breathless and aching, normally I'm hypo but just had latest blood results and the is 0.16, and thyroxine is high end. I'm type 2 diabetic, sugars are running high and I have copd, age 45. Struggling to cope, just handed notice in as I'm too exhausted. Is this normal if you are overmedicated? Feeling so depressed too

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  • Sounds like




    vit d3

    all need checking as low ferritin or the others could be at fault

  • High hemoglobin can squeeze the oxygen of red blood cells leaving you feeling tired. The testing is rather new with few doctors having any knowledge of it. Instead, they simply prescribe more levothyroxine. too much levothyroxine can give you a high systolic reading when diastolic is normal. Example, 155/75 with a heart rate of 70 bpm.

  • Can you post all your blood test results with the ranges for comments, please.

  • It could be that you are getting more thyroid than your body can handle. Your adrenal gland determines that sometimes and the TSH gets dialed down and you can be exhausted. Your adrenals can be exhausted due to glucose fluctuations.

    If your cortisol is low as well as your iron, you simply can't use the hormone until you raise those levels. No wonder you are depressed, you are ill and need some support. Are you on thyroxine and taking more than 150 mcg.

    I think you can get some ideas from this video. You need some vitamin C and B12 and should check your ferritin and folate levels, which are possibly low.

  • You're not over-medicated. Your TSH may be low, but it's not suppressed. Besides, it's totally irrelevant at this stage. Is your FT4 over-range? Or just at the top? Even if you're over-range, doesn't necessarily mean you're over-medicated. The important test is the FT3, and that could still be low even if your FT4 is over-range, if you're not converting well. You really, really need to see the FT3 before you decide you're over-medicated. And get your nutrients tested, as RFU suggests. :)

  • Hi everyone thanks for replies, just had more blood tests done.. B12, ferritin, esr and ra factor. Will post results when I get them. T4 was at top end but can't remember what, no t3 done. Have had levothyroxine reduced from 150 to 125 mg. Hate feeling so crap, don't want to get out of bed, muscles ache just combing hair, slightest thing I do pulse rate is over 100, so breathless too.

  • Hi hippychic, have you tried skipping thyroxine for a day or two?

  • Another thing that's bugging me!! I'm constantly getting thrush that's not responding to treatment.. And getting recurrent cystitis too

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