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High dose iodine / iodine without iodide

Hi, I haven't been here for years, so please excuse me if this has been covered before, but has anyone with Hashimoto's used the high dose (mg dosing) iodine protocol developed by Dr Brownstein? i would like to hear good and bad experiences.

My story is that I have Hashimoto's but also had oestrogen positive breast cancer 2 years ago. Now I have ovarian cysts as a result of breast cancer medication (Tamoxifen). I have been researching and keep coming up with lack of iodine as a cause of ovarian cysts and breast cancer, and that iodine can remedy faulty oestrogen metabolism, which I have. But of course it's more complicated than that for Hashimoto's and I am nervous, although Brownstein claims high dose iodine can be used for Hashi patients. Also, have you come across any iodine that does not contain potassium iodide? Apparently it is only iodide that can affect the thyroid, whereas it is iodine that is important for breast and ovarian health. I am a bit stuck with my research and wondering where to go next, so would love to gather any first hand experiences. Thank you!

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Joan, there are links to iodine without iodine here

High dose iodine can induce Hashimoto's in euthyroid patients and will cause Hashi flares in some, but not all, patients. In general, it is not recommended Hashi or hypothyroid patients take iodine. In your case the risk of worsening Hashimoto's may be outweighed by the breast and ovarian benefits. Perhaps you could have an iodine test to see whether you are deficient to help you decide.

There are over 2,500 posts discussing the pros and cons of iodine supplementation in


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