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Question please this 5 and 5.8

Hi please can I ask a question to all the hypos ot there

This is for my daughter she has lupus I won't go into all the details but you will see in my profile post on lupus website

But short version is at my daughter rheumy appoitment today I asked if her thyroid had been checked he is doing more test for possible cushings he looked it up on his Computer and said yes 1 year ago and 8 moths ago and they were normal I could read his screen but there was no range on there that I could see I didn't push because of the other problems we were having with appoitment but from what I have learned on her even without ranges it seems pretty high end

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If that was TSH then yes - your daughter has hypothyroidism. If those results were FT3 (though unlikely, as you know that's not routinely tested) then they would be ok. But it's almost certainly TSH. Top end of TSH ranges is generally 4.5.


Hi I thought so there was only tsh on screen perfume as it was inside the bloody range they took no notice of it it was a year ago not sure if he is planning to retest with the cortsal 9.00 am morning test I will get my daughter to get a print out of them if cortisol is normal will then get her to push for hypo although she does have a small buffalo hump red stretch marks along with all the other hypo type symptoms so I unfortunately think it may be cushings I wonder if cushings also effects tsh


It's always best to have the earliest possible appointment for blood tests for our thyroid gland but I know this isn't always possible particularly in hospital.

Your GP may get a copy of the results so ask for a print-out with the ranges and post them on a new question for comments. If it's as high as 5 some doctors follow the guidelines of the BTA and don't prescribe until it reaches around 10 (awful) and not taking symptoms into account.

If you go to your GP to get them re-done, make the appointment as early as possible and fast (she can drink water). If she is prescribed levo allow 24 hours between the last dose and test and take levo afterwards.

I hope she feels better soon and I'm sorry if she also has Lupus.


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