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Latley been taking vit d per my doctor 2000iu. Ive noticed that in the last couple of days that if i dont eat after so long i get ravenous and crave salty foods and also have a hard time swallowing. I also get dry mouth in between meals. Ive had several blood sugar tests to check for diabetes but i always come back in range. I went to an endo and he said based on my test results and how i looked that i didnt have diabetes insipidus. Well anither thing with the dryness is that my hair and even facial hair is brittle and painful breaking off from time to time. I avioid shaving sometimes because it gets so painful. Inever used to feel like this a few years ago and im still in my twenties dammit! Has anyone else encountered this kind of thing before?

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  • Gre3nvine, Try eating small frequent meals to keep blood sugar constant and drink more water to help with hydration. Dry skin and brittle hair are hypothyroid symptoms. You'll need to moisturise dry skin to make shaving more comfortable. If you can post your thyroid results members will advise whether you are hypothyroid.

  • How are your B12 levels - if low the vagus nerve can be affected which in turn can affect swallowing....

    Salt cravings - could be adrenals ....

  • Did you ever manage to get hold of your actual thyroid blood test results? Looking back thru your posts all I can see is that your doctor said they were normal.

  • Yes i do have results from my last two blood tests. They mostly involve vid d and white blood cell count. White blood cell count 4.7 previous value 4.5 range 4.8 to 10.8. My last tsh i believe was reading at 2.1. My vit d levels as of a few months ago were 19 range 30 to 130.I've taken vit d over the counter as well as in rx form since occasionally feeling more energetic while taking them.

  • I am also adding nasal issues as well. My nose doesnt run like it used to. Unless i start working physically then it starts running again along with everything else.

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