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Will NDT help

Hi. I've been trying to conceive for 10 years now and the doctors can't find the cause. I was diagnosed with hashimotos about 10 years ago too.

Do you think NDT will help? I've asked my gp for it but he just said no. He also says that my infertility is nothing to do with my thyroid but I don't know if I'm being fobbed off. Also, is buying NDT online not really risky?

Any help would be very much appreciated. I'm almost 40 and feel that time is rapidly running out.

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Welcome to the forum, Georgie75.

Hypothyroidism can cause temporary infertility but it won't matter whether low hormone is replaced with Levothyroxine or NDT. The important thing is that TSH of hypothyroid women attempting to conceive should be in the low-normal range of 0.4-2.5 with FT4 in the upper range.


One thing that NDT has that synthetic t3/t4 medications do not have is just a smidge of iodine. Do google or research 'iodine and infertility'. See what pops up and do your homework. Taking kelp supplements etc... aren't really recommended any longer since it is hard to find any source that might not be contaminated. There is a low, low dose iodine brand called 'iosol' that is pretty safe to use.

There is a protocol that should be followed if one is inclined to do high-dose iodine. But the low dose iodine shouldn't present any problems and iosol is a low-dose iodine product. Whether one uses iodine or not, selenium is a good supplement to take (no more than 200 - 400 mcgs (that's micrograms, not mgs... milligrams) per day. Again, do your research/homework on this supplement.

Infertility can be a complicated condition with no easy, simple answers.

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