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Hopefully some relief from anxiety

After months of being ill from over-medication I now have to see a psychiatrist for my anxiety. I had no idea this could ruin my life. I can't get the idea out if my head that the overdose of levothyroxine has done permanent damage to my mind and body. I was a happy, healthy person a few months ago and now I am broken in body and spirit. I hope this can bring me some much needed relief from my anxiety.

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Mary, how was it you became overdosed as usually we would have bad symptoms and not want to continue taking it? What dose were you taking and do you have a print-out of your most recent blood test results with the ranges. Did they ever do a Free T3 test.

Have you been prescribed a hypo-allergenic natural dessicated thyroid hormone instead?

You must feel absolutely terrible and worried as well.


Back in June I had a TSH of 9.1 and free t4 of 1.1(.8-1.77). I was on 75 levo and increased to 100. I foolishly kept taking the 100 even though I felt worse. Eventually couldn't eat or sleep. Went to and TSH was 0.06. Was told to go back to 75. Did labs after 4 weeks and TSH was 1.1 and Free t4 was 1.45 (.8-1.77) I still feel bad even though it's in normal range. I have always had a TSH in the 2's and felt healthy. Dr. Said it takes a while for body to normalize after the over-medication. I still am worried that I will never sleep on my own again. It is now 6 weeks since I stopped the higher dose and still can't sleep.


Maryd - my own personal opinion (am not medically qualified in any way) is that you might be one of the people who cannot tolerate levothyroxine at all. I believe I am one and was diagnosed, finally, with a TSH of 100 and on levo got even more symptoms and so unwell. Eventually, with the help of (no support group at the time) the NHS Endo added a small amount of T3 and the effect of that tiny dose was amazing to me. I had had severe palps but the addition of T3 calmed them 'immediately'. Next blood test they phoned me at home to tell me to stop the T3 as my bloods were too low, I refused so they lowered the levo. I knew then I would have to follow my own course. I got the advice of a private doctor.I. I have also now tried several natural dessicated thyroid hormones which were the only things to be prescribed up to the late 50's until levothyroxine was introduced and I liked Nature-throid.

Ask your GP to let you try a small dose of T3 to your lowered T4 (10mcg T3 to 50mcg T4) or ask him to switch you on a 'named patient basis' to Nature-throid which is a hypoallergenic and I'll give details below. Our brain needs T3 the most and levothyroxine is supposed to convert to sufficient but maybe you aren't doing so which results in your suffering rather than recovering.

I believe he must give you a trial but the guidelines of the British Thyroid Association don't approve but it has given me my life back. I am well again. Some members have purchased their own online but I think you'd rather go along with your doctor.

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P.S I'd ask the GP for a free T3 blood test but some labs wont do it if your TSH is in range. I often had a TSH of 0.01 but some of us need a low, very low or suppressed TSH to feel better. If your FT3 is very low you need the addition of T3


Maryd, poor you. How hard to try to heal yourself when you are so frightened. You can test your own free T3 if the GP or the lab won't. The anxiety is a symptom, it is not you. Do not be afraid, the levo will not have done permanent damage to you.


Anxiety and depression are symptoms of under active thyroid.


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