Still not sleeping?

Spoke to doctor this morning. Had been over-medicated, took that dose for 38 days. I have now taken the lower dose for same amount of days, but still can't sleep on my own. I take sleep meds after hours of trying to sleep on my own. Dr says it can take just as long, or a little longer for body to correct itself after over- medication and OK to still take sleep meds as needed. Has anyone else had to take sleep meds weeks after getting off too high dose of levothyroxine?

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  • I'm sorry I cannot answer your question but I do know a lot of members complain of insomnia not necessarily overmedicated.

  • Hi

    I have been over medicated twice now and each time I could not sleep, My GP gave me Beta Blockers not sleeping pills for two weeks (long acting ie one per day) until the levels had dropped again and this certainly helped me.

  • How long was it until you felt "normal" again? I guess beta blockers lower it much faster than just lowering your dose and waiting weeks to feel better.

  • Hi This is common and it will take a while, GP is right.


  • I figured it took at least as long as I was over-medicated to become "normal". I start to worry when I read about others feeling better in two weeks or less. I can't imagine recovering that quickly. I was so sick I thought I could die from it. I'm coming up on 6 weeks and I'm better but sleep and stomach still problems.

  • Hi I was over medicated by a doc and very ill. MY symptoms were the same exactly as undermedicated. It sounds like you just need more time. Blood test in 6 weeks the only way to be sure.

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  • Hi

    It took about 2-3 weeks but I suppose it depends on how over medicated you are in the first place and for how long.


  • I thought being under-medicated or not treated for hypothyroidism could also cause insomnia but in your case you must have been sure it was overmedication. Advice of other members above is sound.

  • Yes, labs revealed a TSH of 0.06.

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