Periods :(

Hi guys, asking yet another question, sorry.

I am 21 and defo not underweight lol, but I'm not getting periods other than the occasional volcanic bleeder of epic proportions about twice a this normal??

As I said in my other post I am trying to see an endocrinologist so hopefully they might be able to enlighten me, but I wondered if this is common amongst hypos. Thanks!

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Superparrot, no,twice a year is not normal. Periods may still be recovering from anorexia. Undiagnosed and undertreated hypothyroidism can also disrupt menstrual cycle.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

Until we are on an optimum of thyroid hormone replacements everything in our body is 'out of whack' despite bloods being in range etc. We have to have an optimum of hormones for everything to be normal and I'll give you a link below:-

Well i was always really punctual with my periods then they started coming late, so i downloaded this period tracker on my iphone its called "once" it helps me keep track of it and if my flow was heavy or light. My periods are really volcanic but not that heavy. Now i get them every 32-49 so they are no longer normal and last about 4-6 days. Im 21 years old by the way.

Have they scanned you to see if you have PCOS? Sounds quite like it. And it's linked to thyroid issues.


You are quite right ScotsLassLondon - there is a link with PCOS - more likely if the thyroid issue is autoimmune, but that's not always known by thyroid sufferers.

Scanning doesn't always reveal a definitive answer as if the ovaries aren't cysting it will be negative. I have worked with a lot of women who have had negative scans but are definitely PCOS. Usual medical answer is to put you on the Pill - but again natural ways can help to overcome this common reproductive disorder.

Good call!

Warm wishes

Hi superparrot - a lot of women who have hypothyroid issues have heavy periods and it's because of the metabolic issues this causes. Your Endo may well send you to a Gynae, but the problem is all about sex hormone imbalance. At 21, if you are not on contraception, you should be having a regular and fairly normal cycle.

I expect the medical answer will be to offer you the Pill, however, if they tell you that it won't affect your thyroid function - it will. The increased oestrogen levels will lower thyroid hormone availability so med will need to go up! (This also applies to women who go on HRT - after all it's the same drug only offered to women at a different life phase!)

There are more natural and sustainable ways to sort this out for you and this will also improve thyroid hormone function.

I hope this helps, warm wishes

Thanks everybody for your replies. Sorry for the very late response, I didn't get any notifications for this post for some reason!! You have all been very helpful and i hope this will be useful for others, too. Cheers :)

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