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'Normal' levels

Hi all. I'm new to this forum and still awaiting a diagnosis. I have been told I need a patrial thyroidectomy due to nodules and a large recurring cyst. Biopsy on fna was inconclusive. I have been having symptoms for several years, my gp sends me for blood tests. They all come back in normal range. I have seen an endo, who signed me off saying i was within normal ranges and wait for op. I have raised rheumatoid factor and now he thinks my pain is down to arthritis. I'm on nhs waiting list for thyroidectomy. I generally feel rubbish, tired all the time, my joints ache, depressed, mood swings and unable to regulate my temp. Does anyone know of any thyroid supplements or diets that have worked for them? I know I'm at the beginning of a long journey. Any advice would be great. Thanks

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Hi Didsydon, unfortunately conventional medicine's solution to cysts and nodules is to cut them out or burn them away. Iodine has long been recognised as a way to shrink and even eliminate nodules completely.

Iodine must be taken with selenium and needs to be one of the supplements that conforms to the ratio of iodine and iodide that occurs in Lugol's solution.

Most people are deficient in iodine and it can be safely taken in large doses until sufficiency is reached.

A good place to start research is where iodine is found under vitamins and minerals.

Regards, Katy


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