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Veins on fingers popping under low pressure

Has anyone come across this please? My son -in-law has some thyroid symptoms but not being diagnosed with it. He finds just tying shoe laces can cause the veins to bubble up and burst inwardly in his fingers causing bruising.

He is too hot on exertion, joints ache, can't motivate himself in the morning but feels better later on in the day. He doesn't feel refreshed after sleeping/not sleeping.

He has had numerous blood tests as his liver was showing signs of an alcoholic! The levels for this have now dropped dramatically, so GP thinks he has/had a virus.

He runs his own business and a lot of stress goes with it, he never shuts off! Also at Christmas 2012 they had a premature baby which was unexpected this also added to the stress.

So don't know if it's all to do with stress.

Any advice/ help would be appreciated, please.

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Hi Greenfingers

There are certainly thyroid disease symptoms I recognize from my own journey, but a number of things can cause those symptoms. Admin will advise properly but he needs to get a full thyroid panel test and post results to give a better picture. Whether his thyroid is diseased, or not, or just plain worn down he seems to be suffering from burnout and something 'will' go. I have been there running my own business alongside other stresses. The workaholic treadmill is very difficult to get off...and the high achievers are often the ones that end up with fatigue disorders that disrupt the autoimmune or endocrine system.

Best of luck


Thanks helbell, I will tell him.


Greenfingers, your son in law should see his GP about the veins/capilliaries bubbling and bursting. That is not supposed to happen. He can ask for a thyroid function test at the same time and a vitamin D test as he has joint pain.

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Thanks Clutter he has made an appointment!

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Does this give you any clues?

I just googled "what causes capillaries to burst in fingers" and there were a lot of answers - there may be something of interest.

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Thanks will check it out


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