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Does Hypo go through peaks and throughs?

Hi all,

I have suspected Hypothyroid for many years, and as the rest of you know, the doctors can be a little unresponsive. The Thyroid UK checklist is more ticks than anything else when I do it. I have just received a Blue Horizon Home Test (Thyroid + 10), but all of a sudden I am doubting myself!

I know undoubtedly that many of my symptoms are constant, but I feel as though sometimes they get less worse. Is this possible? Or is it just the rare occasion that I get some sleep that I am better equipped to deal with the aches and cascades of other symptoms?

Does anyone else experience this? I also wonder if it is just the years of doctors saying everything is normal on all tests and I am perfectly healthy (bar PCOS) getting into my head.

Surely when you know something is wrong despite all NHS tests coming back clear, it should be investigated and not just treated with anti-depressants?

Also worried that the Blue Horizon test will come back negative, as then there really doesn't seem to be any explanation. Have been supplementing B12 and multivitamins for 2 months, but doesn't seem to make a difference. What strengths of Vitamin D would be recommended as a trial if all is 'well'?

Thanks for the responses everyone.

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Hi Mooregibbs

Short answer, yes, it does go through peaks and troughs. Slightly longer answer - if you have Hashimoto's, the autoimmune form of hypothyroidism, where antibodies attack the thyroid gland itself, peaks and troughs happen a lot, depending on how well you are with it.

Does the Blue Horizon test you have test for antibodies? That may give you a clue (though not necessarily, as antibodies don't always show up!).

Re the NHS tests coming back "clear" - what that means is that the results are in an arbitrary range. That doesn't mean you don't have thyroid issues - in fact, very many people here clearly do have thyroid problems despite "normal" results.

It's a really good move to self test, I think. Post the results here when you get them, and lots of members will be able to advise.

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Welcome to the forum, Mooregibbs.

Symptoms do fluctuate and a lot of people feel considerably better during the warm summer months than in the winter.

Post your results with the ranges (figures in brackets after results) in a new question and members will comment and advise. If you post your vitD results members will advise whether, and how much, to supplement.


Thanks Jazzw and Clutter.

I have received my results back and have posted them in a separate post. They seem to be actually very 'normal' to my eyes.

When you are very symptomatic and all symptoms point to Hypo but tests don't, what else could it be?

As I have said luck with doctors is rare, but all different doctors I have seen at different times through the years have tested thyroid function pretty much every time I go in with the unresolved symptoms. Does anyone know of other problems which immitate hypo?



I've responded to your other post but I'm wondering about how much B12 you've been taking?


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