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I feel so ashamed,I suffer severe anxiety which is draining not only myself but me two grown up Endo said having low thyroid levels like I do doesn't cause anxiety .....I'm on 5 grains of wp and my levels are out of Te bottom of the range,I'm scared and tired of trying to get well and help...I've spent thousands seeing people for help and now my hubby's left I can't see anyone and for support and guidance...over the years since my tt I've tried erfa,five grains did nothing and 300 thyroxine which made me toxic and had to see the psychiatric team... I was on hc for for 7 years,so I weaned off it and did the 24 hour saliva test which was very high and very low DHEA,I ve been of hc 8 moths now and don't feel any different ,I feel lost ,scared and lonely,,,I have a couple of clearer brighter days then up too three months bed bound and can't function psychically or mentally...I'm not coping and lost hope.xx

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I too suffer from anxiety. Nothing to be ashamed of. I find that when my thyroid TSH is creeping up I start to get all sorts of weird symptoms including increased anxiety. I think there is definitely a link between thyroid problems and anxiety. However it doesn't really matter what is causing the anxiety it still needs to be treated. I used paroxetine 20mg for years and although it is difficult to stop taking it suddenly it can be stopped by gradually cutting down. But stopping an antidepressant is not really your problem at the moment. Your priority is to see your doc and start on an antidepressant that also treats anxiety. You will begin to feel so much better. Life is for living and you really need to get medication for the problem. Forget feeling ashamed and guilty, No need whatsoever to feel this way. Regards Dee


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