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Hi all, This has nothing to do with thyroid but is to do with how we reply on this forum. When i reply to a post and want to add a link , i used to write the reply, and open a new tab to search for the link, copy the url and then go back to the tab with the reply on it. Often to find my masterpiece has dissapeared... :-(.

So i dont do that anymore.

Instead i write and post the reply... Then i go and look for the relevant links, copy them and i edit my post to add the links in. Its not great because if you read a reply too quickly i wont have added the links.... But at least i no longer lose what i have written.

I use an ipad.... If it makes any difference. Anyone else do it this way?

G xx

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  • Yes galathea. Always on my iPad when in bed.


  • Galathea, If I'm adding a bookmarked link I c&p it from bookmarks without opening it and without leaving the post. Otherwise I c&p from an open tab, or open a new tab, and paste into my post. I don't find I lose the unsubmitted post but I bet it will happen now I've said I don't. :)

    I use a small notebook laptop.

  • I donT bookmark everything...I often just search for the page, will have a go at posting using links from the bookmarks though..... good idea.....

    G x

  • Clutter when I try to c & p directly from bookmarks , it always opens that page. Then sometimes when returning to original post.......all my typing has gone.

    Galathea, sometimes I put all links onto reply FIRST, especially if supplying several, so I know I won't have to leave that page no matter what & risk everything I have painstakingly typed disappearing.

    Considering we have foggy brains, we are very inventful.


  • Flower, I don't know how it works with iPad but on the lappy one click selects the bookmark and I right click for menu options to copy, open (which will open on the page and lose an unsubmitted reply), open in new tab etc.

  • Sounds awfully complicated Clutter!......but not if you have it front of you I guess.

    I've just realised you are probably in Windows.....I'm in Apple Safari.

    Cheers F

  • a lot of the solution above have gone over my head as I am self taught on a computer, but I have windows and Mozilla Firefox browser they have a new Button non the top bar called Pocket it is easier then bookmarking, and you still see your original document so you don't loose it

  • Clutter I have posted about a possible pituitary problem. Could you have a look pls?

    Cheers, F

  • Yep that is what I do too Galathea. However have just written to HU as when I post the Edit - a comment comes up saying that the post is inappropriate even though the post before was fine ! I then delete the edited addition and re-post and it seems OK.

  • Marz, that's a glitch I experienced frequently on original posts. HU blamed it on bots maintained by Wordpress and seemed incapable of doing anything about it. It happens less frequently recently.

  • always make me laugh when people say they have experienced this comment as I get a vision of them trying to post porn or something. LOL.


  • I also use an iPad and I have encountered this issue too but it doesn't always happen. What I do now is write my reply in Notes and copy the links there. This way I can hop back and forth between Safari and Notes and my reply never deletes. When I'm finished I just copy paste the whole reply.

  • Think yourself lucky. HU no longer works at all on my old iPad.

  • I don't have an i-pad but just copy and paste any links into my response.

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