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Are u Hypothyroid with suppressed adrenals? Which meds first?

I am hypothyroid and since having Cushing's Syndrome and a left adrenalectomy, I have no right adrenal output and have to take a Hydrocortisone replacement.

My question is do I take the Thyroxine meds first or the Hydrocortisone? I need both before I can feel well enough to function. Can I take them together? Please help, can't find any answers online and my GP and Endo have been less than helpful. Thank you.

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Hi have really bad adrenal fatigue and I take cortisol I take it and my t3 together with out any problem my doses are split x4 a day. Can I ask how much cortisol you take a day? I take 40mg split 4 x 10mg


I take 20mg three times a day:

6.30am. 10mg

11.30am 5mg

4.00pm. 5mg

Do you have Addisons?


Hi no severe adrenal fatigue due to having undiagnosed hypothyroidism for years, I have been on on cortisol for about three years and I havnt been able to wean off successfully so I think I will always need it.


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