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weight gain confusion?

Hi I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism last week and started tablets last weekend. Prior to being diagnosed my weight had increased by about a stone and a bit and i'd been desperately trying to lose the weight through diet and exercise over the last few months ready for a holiday. I have since been told by my doctor that until my levels are restored through medication then it will be impossible to lose weight.

My question is (and sorry if this is stupid, I'm still getting to grips with the whole metabolism thing), if I stop dieting now will I suddenly pile on more pounds. eg has my dieting restricted the weight I could have been putting on (although not helped lose any) or is the dieting just not making any difference at all and I should just come off it all together for the time being.


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Has your doctor advised you to stop eating Gluten, i have had an underactive thyroid since 2004 and last year was diagnosed as a coeliac and since i have stopped eating anything with gluten my weight has started to come down, i still have a long way to go but its worth giving it a try.


No not told me to avoid gluten but anythings worth a try ten years at stable weight last three years gained five stone tried everything from the gym to cobra fit weightwatchers fresh start etc the more i try thevmore weight i gain ...went private and my endo has just lowerd my dose of levothyroxine from 125mg to 100mg and added a small dose of liothronine t3 cos i banged on about my weight an that if he didnt help i would order armour thyroid off internet anyway back at clinic october 1st so on them till then c what happens ...times i feel like givin up on life havin my thyroud out has caused mental health probs for me anxiety and depression and weight gain is a big deal for me thanks for ur reply x

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