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Stupid endo

Hi all haven't been on for ages mum not been well.I have been told by endo there is nothing more he can do for me altered my Levo dosage 75 mon-thurs 50 fri-sun not sure where to go from here then he gives me a repeat blood form to be done in October then at the bottom of the firm is a new test that I hadnt seen before paraprobein levels and myeloma screen had told him I couldn't get to have last blood test as I couldn't walk properly because of cysts in my left hip when I looked these new tests up they are to do with cancer anyone else had this any ideas he has really worried me x

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Lifeback, given the fact so many of us consult Dr. Google to check out what ordered tests are for it would be nice if doctors explained why they order them and offer reassurance if patients are worried.

Obviously I don't know why the tests have been ordered, but many tests are ordered to rule things out, rather than confirm suspicions. If you are very troubled ring the endo's office and say how concerned you are and ask him why he ordered the tests.


Thanks for reply clutter.what I can not understand is why he thinks I should wait until October to have these tests done surely if he is thinking along these lines I should have them now. Got to go docters tomorrow as I have tonsillitis again 5th time now so I am going to ask him What he thinks,but wanted to ask on here first


Lifeback, The lack of urgency makes me think it's a 'ruling out' test.

Hope GP gives you something to help with the tonsillitis.

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Thanks clutter will let you know what docter says


I've also had myeloma screen following a fracture with major bone marrow edema. All was well and was told it was just a ruling out test before hand. 🍀 L x


Have you had any other blood tests for B12, Vit D, ferritin, folate and iron levels also what about TPO antibody tests? If you have had them tested can you post the results for comment. If not tested can you ask GP to arrange testing. You seem to be on low doses and messing about the dose is not god either. Hope you soon get some answers.


What Crimple said...and I would seriously consider t3 only treatment.


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