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Can anyone answer this for me ?

Hi as you know I been on levothyroxine for a couple of years now 125mg daily I've had a big swollen stomach since then also , I had another scan done yesterday they said I have an enlarged liver and an enlarged spleen can having hypo cause this ? I'm being sent to a specialist (endo something) or if anyone else having this condition been through the same thing any advice would be gratefully received thanks x

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Hi Sam lots of coincidences with what ivè been going through this last 2 years. Been diagnosed as having Hashimotos, also suggested to me that was a possibility on this discussion group.

Look at following, it may give you some answers

Dr Heimlichs blog - you may have to do it through google search to get it - I've been trying to prove links between various conditions, symptoms for about 2 years and today was my eureka moment! Good luck with your search also.

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i did reply to you, i Can see and type on this site, but dont know if its the iPad or not, but now replies dont appear when i 'submit'


oh good that one did!


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