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Bakers angered by icing sugar reformulation

Concerning not only for bakers and those of a sweet tooth, but for those who are sensitive to maize products. Of whom we have have several.

Bakers angered by icing sugar reformulation

A reformulation of Tate & Lyle Sugars’ icing sugar has resulted in a backlog of complaints from bakers.

The company has changed its caking agent in the product, producing what bakers have deemed a “grainy and gritty” icing texture.

Christine Flinn, accredited demonstrator from the British Sugarcraft Guild (BSG), said she noticed the recipe change in January, and contacted the company to complain. The company said it had switched from E341 to maize starch as an anti-caking agent as it improved its keeping quality.

- See more at: bakeryinfo.co.uk/news/fulls...

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Our lovely CEO is one of the people no longer able to enjoy this brand of icing sugar! :(

Thanks Rod




I have just looked at my box of Silver Spoon icing sugar, which was bought recently, the ingredients listed are, Icing Sugar, Anti-caking agent: Tricalcium Phosphate (E341). It also says, Allergy advice: May contain egg. Hope this helps.



Why do they do this to products? My husband use to have Green & Black's dark chocolate as it was dairy-free - then they changed the ingredients without notice and it now contains dairy products; luckily he noticed before eating.

I'll just not buy Tate & Lyle and keep an eye on other makes.


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