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Doc appt tomorrow and thinking ahead

Thank you to everyone that replied to my last post. My next appt is tomorrow morning and I will find out what tests they did last time and the results.

Firstly I had a weird episode on Friday when my speech was slurred for about 10 minutes and then it passed. It didn't matter how hard I tried I couldn't get my speech clear, I asked my boss if I was and he confirmed I was. I have read slurring can be a symptom but would it just last for 10 minutes?

Secondly if I have no joy at the doctors is it worth seeing someone privately and how do I go about that? The list on here doesn't list my area as having anyone here either so how would I know that someone was sympathetic to symptoms with 'normal' bloods?

Thank you

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Hi there, When you see your doc tomorrow, make sure you tell him/her about the slurred speech. They should do various checks on you at the appt. Probably check eyes and strength in arms etc as this symptom could be related to high blood pressure or TIA. Regards Dee


Sammilou, wait and see what your test results are tomorrow. If they're unequivocally euthyroid there's no use pursuing thyroid dysfunction and other avenues should be explored.

Slurring can be a hypo symptom but it's usually ongoing until thyroid levels are restored and doesn't flash on and off for 10 minutes. Mention it to your GP though in case it is a symptom of something else.


Sammilou, the list of recommended doctors is quite short. I live in Liverpool, a big city surrounded by other big cities, and I still had to travel to a London suburb to see a doctor.

The good news is that he is well used to ppl who have travelled to see him, so I only actually met him face to face once, and the rest has been telephone appointments.


Thank you


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