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Still struggling

Hi all its been a while since I posted last. Back in June I paid for a private thyroid blood test as I felt a lot of my issues seem to match up with hypothyroidism- fortunately or not, which ever way you choose to look at it, it appears that my thyroid is functioning properly. However that still leaves me with no answers and still feeling poo. Plan b is to look at a hormone imbalance, which was suggested by another member a while back. I understand that some of these symptoms can mimic hypothyroidism. I've got hold of some Natpro and wondered if any members have experience of using this cream - any benefits or negatives or any experience of estrogen dominance?

Thanks ladies x

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Mrsnju, did you have the ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate tests I recommended? Symptoms can be similar to low thyroid.


Looking at the signs and symptoms on the link above you may see how many overlap with being Hypo. As Clutter suggests the tests mentioned may shed some light....


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