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Antibody tests meanings?

I received a letter requesting more bloods, one is for, thyroid peroxidase antibody (atpo) and

anti thyroglobulin antibodies

What are the differences and what do they mean?

My endo sent a letter to me, saying that my antibodies taken back in sept 2013 were negative and I didn't need treatment with levothyroxine, so I'm confused... But yet my tsh was 1.25 and ft4 was 15 on levothyroxine.

Many thanks


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TPO and thyrogobulin antibodies are both indicators of an autoimmune condition which leads to degeneration of thyroid health. There is some overlap but generally the presence of high levels of TPO indicates Hashimotos. a form of autoimmune hypothyroidism, high levels of thyroglobulin could indicate Graves disease and hyperthyroidism.

It is possible for people to have TSH within range but still experience symptoms, if this is the case it suggests they are checking to see if there is an underlying cause which could make issues worse over time. They may have been negative for these 2 years ago but that can change so my guess is they are just checking up.

It seems that an Endo will go by TSH as law, but if you are lucky enough to have someone willing to do a wider range of tests, do them!


Aeracognie, high thyroglobulin antibodies are also indicative of Hashimoto's. Thyroid Receptor antibodies and thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin antibodies indicate Graves.


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