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Unipharma T3

Following on from my previous post

I notice that the Unipharma T3 used by Shaws has some excipients in common with Grossman Cynomel and wondered if it might work better for me.

I'd be very grateful if someone could PM me a safe web address where it's possible to buy it?


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I am similar to you. I also find I cannot tolerate MP T3 (currently on a combo of T4/T3) and am on Tiromel.

I would also appreciate it if someone could PM me with details of where to obtain UniPharma T3 as I would like to give it a go. Thanks.


I don't think tiromel is working too well for me either so if someone knows where to obtain the UniPharma T3 I'd be grateful if they could PM with details.


No one has PMd me so far so it might be we are out of luck!


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