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Hashimoto's virus attack on thyroid gland. Do the antibodies move on to other glands or organs when the thyroid is destroyed?

My antibodies have pretty much destroyed my thyroid gland. Although there will be people who have worse thyroid test results than me the last test in January where I had to go 3 weeks without meds showed that my gland is almost done. After 3 weeks, I couldn't talk properly, I sounded like I'd had a severe stroke, my body shook, I couldn't remember anything for example even how to make a cup of tea and I lost my inner voice. There is no experience like the one where you are aware of yourself, but there is nothing but absolute silence in your head. No thoughts. Just silence. And you can't change that.

So it's clear the antibodies attacking my thyroid gland are still active. Still destroying it. But do they change gland or move to an organ?

Why does the antibody just stop with this one gland?

I'm sure someone on here will know.

Blessings for a Happy Easter


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Im having this issue, the antibodies can contine to attack other organs ( sorry but dont worry the antibodies apparently can be managed, which antibodies are you refering too, TPO or TG?

what was your TSH when tested last? you will be placed on hormone replacment however I am not sure if this will stop the antibodies attacking.

I do feel some life syle changes and vitamin supplements will help.

hope somebody else can answer your question in more detail.



As I understand - Hashimoto's is a lympohocytic attack. That is, a specialised white blood cell called a lymphocyte does the attacking on the thyroid.

The antibodies are in your blood because some of the contents of your thyroid spill out into the bloodstream. The antibodies attach to the spilled substances and help in identifying them as things to be removed and disposed of.

So the level of antibodies is likely related in some way to the thyroid attack - but not in a nice, simple way.

Antibodies are Y-shaped proteins which attach very specifically to certain the substances. Once attached it is a bit like a boat having a flag up the mast - everyone can see which boats have flags hoisted.

Precisely what makes your immune system send specialised lymphocytes out that attack your thyroid is, in many ways, the big mystery.

Some people do get multiple autoimmune diseases - for example, autoimmune attack on gastric parietal cells which affects stomach acidity and ability to absorb vitamin B12.


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hi Rod, thanks for that info, very informative, your last paragraph about the absorb vitamin B12 rings a bel with me, I have very low acid and urine acid at 5.0 would this interact with my b12 supplements? what I mean is will the b12 vitamins work having low stomach acid?

hope this makes sence.



It might be that you won't absorb them very well.

It's best if you get tested for B12 because otherwise you cannot know!


Hi Rod

As always your answers are so interesting and stimulating.

1) My urine acid is very low, slightly higher than Merissa and no matter what I do I cannot make it higher. I've not had my B12 checked. I had wondered if it was cortisol.

2) I did read somewhere that stomach fat (metabolically active) in people with high cholesterol AND hypothyroidism is not the normal type of stomach fat but in fact is linked to the lymph system and toxins from it. Tests have shown that stomach fat should move on exercise faster than other stored body fats - not slower. But when the fat is stored because of lymphatic toxins from hypothyroidism then it takes mountains to move it because the lymph system is still producing toxins. They also spill into the liver which is not designed to take these kind of toxins. And they stay there, apparently the only way to remove them is a coffee colonic into the lower intestine which forces a release mechanism in the liver.

I'm going to pass this question over to the endocrinologist at the end of this month and see what happens. Thanks again

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I'm try to locate the article I read within that last few days stating that the attack will continue onto other "tissue". It didn't spell anything out but this could be a very important fact.


oh my goodness, if you could find it heloise it would be so helpful. I never even thought about this question. I just assumed it would stop. But my mother asked it and then I thought I'd better check it out. Thank you so much for your help.

It may sound stupid, but I'm starting to wonder if it's attacking my hypothalamus. The memory and mind symptoms I have seem to outstrip anything that I've read about for hypothyroid symptoms. Even in severe cases. It cannot be a coincidence.


I will try but unfortunately I read so many articles and often bookmark them but then there are the links within the webpage. I have checked my "history" as well.

I was curious about the statement and thought it might mean surrounding tissue of the thyroid gland, like parathyroids or maybe vocal chords, etc. I hadn't thought of other glands like the hypothalamus. That is in a difference location. I started Googling antibodies, wow, there are hundreds but I also wonder since I no longer have a thyroid whether I could still be subject to other attacks. If I find something definitive, I will post it since it could be another reason to be treated immediately for those who are kept being put off.


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