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Does anyone with Hyperthyroid also have myasthenia gravis?

Hi, just been diagnosed after an episode of atrial fibrillation. I'm on 30 mg carbamizole and 2.5 bisoprolol. I also take 75 mg pyridostigmine for myasthenia.

Just starting to feel bit numb in mouth/throat , hope that will be temporary and had an episode last week one evening of lightheaded and cool. Weird feeling. I live alone so would really like to know what is "normal" for this and can I separate symptoms as so many seem coo min to both conditions.

Thanks for any help.

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Hi. Welcome to the forum. I'm underactive so not much help I'm afraid but I hope someone comes along soon who understands your concerns. May be if you could add any blood results and ranges you have others will find it helpful.


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