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Armour Thyroxine

I have been taking T3/T4 combination successfully for over two years. Recently symptoms of Hypothyroidism returned although test results within normal range. Specialist locum took me off T3 altogether as she said she didn't believe in taking T3 and recent studies backed her opinion!

Recently saw the long standing consultant who has recommended trying Armour Thyroxine alongside Levothyroxine. He said he is unable to prescribe this as not supported or uk licenced. My pharmacist has also said without a doctor actually prescribing the drug he is unable to supply it either. On researching the Armour it is available in US and Canada. Even if I do source the Armour I have been given no guidelines at all on how to take this and how much.

I am now thinking I want to research to find the top UK specialist in Hypothyroidism to ascertain exactly how I should be treated as I have lost faith in a service I used to have every confidence with locally. I live in Somerset and have been seeing a local consultant . I don't mind how far I travel if there is good evidence to support an excellent consultant in this field of medicine.

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Jaro, email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.uk for a list of member recommended NHS and private endocrinologists.

Your consultant appears to be saying that you need some T3 in addition to Levothyroxine but he can't prescribe it. T3, Armour, NatureThroid, WP and Erfa (NDT) are available on-line without prescription and if you want to self-medicate members can advise how to dose and where to source it. We'll need to see your latest thyroid results with the lab ref ranges and what dose Levothyroxine you are currently taking. You will need to have thyroid blood tests every 8-12 weeks to check levels until you are optimally dosed and stable.

Low/deficient ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate are common in hypothyroid patients and cause musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and low mood similar to hypothyroid symptoms. It may be worth asking your GP to test. If you post the results and ranges in a new question members will be able to advise whether supplementation will be beneficial.


Hi Laro ,

I'm not an expert by any means but after a lot of reading, I noticed many that were on Armour thyroid had stated that their old symptoms had returned recently due to a change in the composition of the drug by the manufacturer, so many have changed to Nature throid or West throid .These patients are in the USA by the way. I think if I were going to get an NDT I would be tempted to buy off the Internet.



Why allow your doctor to control you? You are managing your illness not them.


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