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Morning Fatigue

I am transitioning from Levo to Armour and have just gone up to 2 grains. My worst time of day for fatigue and feeling generally rubish are mornings. Around 12 pm I suddenly change and feel far better and this then lasts through the rest of the day. I've been splitting doses of Armour but wonder if it might be better to take it in the morning only. I realise it's trial and error but just wondered if anyone had any experience with this to share?


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Hellsy, how do you split the doses and what time do you take them?


I take 1 grain in the morning and half a grain at 2pm. Took extra half grain at 2pm yesterday.

So far today just 1 grain at 7am. Felt awful this morning. Depression, fatigue, apathy. Then at 12pm it's like a switch has been turned. Feel fine now. Am wondering also about taking at night time so taking 3 doses.

I've been on Armour for about 5 weeks (would need to check to be sure). Endo kept me on a low dose, so perhaps my body is needing more but am increasing by half a grain every 8 to 10 days.

Waiting for adrenal saliva test results (how long do they take from.Genova, do you know?). Started on siberian ginseng and ashwaganda a week ago and using himalayan salt but am thinking of stopping the Ashwaganda as not sure it I've used siberian ginseng in the past successfully so feel happy to continue with that.

Trying to improve adrenal function with salt and ginseng and feel they help.

Thanks for your reply Clutter :)


Hellsy, try half a grain at bedtime. It sounds like the dose has worn off between 2pm and 7am. Better to increase every 14 days. 8-10 days is a bit soon and you may overshoot your 'sweet spot' increasing too quickly.

What dose Levothyroxine were you taking previously?

If Genova send the samples to USA for analysis it will take 2-4 weeks to get results.


Thanks so much, that's really helpful. I was on 50mcg with TSH of 4.7. Dr increased to 50/75 alternating days but I saw Endo shortly after and stopped Levo and changed to half a grain Armour starting dose. Felt great for about a week and asked to increase dose as feeling bad again. He would only allow quarter of a grain increase. 4 weeks after starting Armour he allowed me to take 1 grain even though my TSH was 4.4 and said I'll see you in 4 weeks! Saw a locum GP 10 days ago and he eventually prescribed one and a half grains so I've been on that for 10 days. Feeling like I need more. Have been on adaptogens for a week and seem to be coping with the increase to 2 grains (as of yesterday) very well. Previous increase not such a smooth transition but it seems adrenals are responding well to adaptogens and himalayan salt.

I'll take half a grain tonight. I metabolised Levo much better at night so that would point to me benefiting on some Armour at night?

I'll keep at 2 grains for 2 weeks as you suggest and maybe time for another blood test in a few weeks.

Thanks again. I really appreciate your advice.

Hels x


I took half a grain last night and feel transformed this morning. I can't believe the difference! I tried taking Armour at night a few weeks ago but it didn't make any difference. I was only on three quarters of a grain at that point and about 2 weeks in to starting on Armour. The recent increase to 2 grains plus taking at night may well be my sweet spot - I really hope so.

My 10am body temperature has improved too. I have been at 35.5 C but was 36.6 C this morning :)

In the mornings I had been feeling depressed, very fatigued and totally disinterested in life. This morning I have great energy and feel really positive. I love going for a walk in my local environment but have been totally disinterested for a while. Today I can't wait to get out :)

Thanks Clutter x


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