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Private referral

Hi, my private health company have had trouble locating an endocrinologist local to me - the nearest he found was Leicester or Milton Keynes.

I actually asked to see Dr Forsyth from list but that was a no go as he's reg as an homeopathic. 😓

The name I have is Shanthi Chandran. If anyone has experience of this lady, could they please pm me. Many thanks.

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Bluedragon, email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.uk to see whether SC is on the list of member recommended endos and Google her to see what's on the net.


Thanks Clutter for responding. By list - I joined Thyroid UK and got a list- no one is shown for Midlands- I take it you mean that list? Google just gives basic info.

Spent half an hr on phone trying to find one they - private medical health would accept. List doesn't seem to help as they needed to be listed as endos on his screen.

All very frustrating- but what's new!


Bluedragon, yes selection from approved doctors and hospitals on ins. co. lists is a drawback. My sister had problems with BUPA. She was scheduled for outpatient RAI but the only hospital in our area approved to administer nuclear medicine wasn't on their list. After I advised her to tell them she would opt for inpatient thyroidectomy at the hospital which had been treating her and had organised the RAI, they quickly added the other hospital to their approved list.


Lol- a good incentive! I tried the integrative approach stating it would save seeing several consultants which did prompt them to look at guy I wanted in London and others. They seemed to have other specialisms recorded other than endo though.


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