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FYI at TUK there has been recently in Clinical Thyroidal journal a meta- analysis paper on the risk of bone fractures in subclinical hyperthyroidism i.e. TSH's < 0.1 unit with normal FT4. No FT3 mentioned or done. I quote from the paper what I think is the culminating but less than impressive outcome:

Although the HRs for subclinical hyperthyroidism and all outcomes are significantly positive, the absolute excess number of fractures is still relatively small (i.e., 1 excess hip fracture for every 1000 person-years).

OK there is an increased risk but how small! Would you take the risk? I think I know the answer.

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Diogenes, Hardly warrants the dire warnings about low and suppressed TSH causing osteoporosis does it? That very small increased risk is acceptable to me.


Is there a link available to the meta analysis?

I found this :

but am not sure if it is the paper being referred to. The link I've given is to a whole paper rather than just an abstract.

Edit : Just to make clear to readers - this is not the paper diogenes is referring to. Read further down for the correct one.


This is the paper quoted:

Leung Angela M.. Clinical Thyroidology. July 2015, 27(7): 174-176. doi:10.1089/ct.2015;27.174-176.

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Thank you. :)

This is the title and a link to the abstract :

"Subclinical Hyperthyroidism Is Associated with Increased Risks of Hip Fractures, Fractures at Any Site, Nonspine Fractures, and Clinical Spine Fractures in the Largest Meta-analysis to Date"