Yah!!!!!! My T3 has arrived!!! Please advise of T3 only dosage!

I am so thrilled!! I just received my T3 in only 1 week!!! Amazingly quick. It made it!!

Now, my plan is to take T3 only, but I need help with starting dosage? How much should I start with?

I purchased 5 boxes with 100 tablets, each 25mcg.

Now since I already took my Naturthroid for today, could I start a little T3 today? Or do I have to wait?

Anxious to get better!!

Please advise.

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You can switch straight over if you are already taking any thyroid hormones. 25mcg is approx 75mcg equivalent levo . So you can figure out what you need or start slightly lower as there's no need for it to be converted.

I take about 30mcg once daily and am fine. Some need a higher dose. Some are diappointed with NDT or T3 but we have to take sufficient for us as individuals.

Just take note of your temp and pulse about 3 times a day for a while so that if you feel hot you might think you've taken too much and reduce but your temp may be normal and do not need to reduce your dose.

Wishing you success.

I understand. However, I have already taken 3 grains Naturethroid so I am not sure how much T3 I should take today if any?

And tomorrow, if I take T3 only...how much should I take maybe 1 pill of 25mcg to start?

It is said that 1 grain of NDT (Armour or others) is equivalent to 25mcg of T3. Personally, I think I would start on 2 x 25mcg once daily to begin with. Take note as well of any sensation and if you feel fine then you're on the right dose. If after about 2 weeks you still have symptoms increase by 1/4 dose for another 2 weeks until you feel good.

Wishing you success.

Enfrance, 3 grains of NatureThroid is equivalent to 65mcg T3. I would start tomorrow with 50mcg T3 split into 2 doses 12 hours apart for a week while the NT washes out and then increase T3 by a quarter tablet to 56.25mcg. See how you do for a week or two and, if necessary, increase by another 6.25mcg to 62.5mcg. Have an FT3 test 6-8 weeks after starting T3.

Shew. Thank you for the thorough instructions! I will start tomorrow and keep you posted!!


Clutter... Naturethroid and WP, both by RLC Labs, I would think, would have the same t4 - t3 amts. I am looking at the mfg insert information page that is included with my WP bottle of 1 grain tabs and it says...

"..They (1 grain tabs) provide 38 mcg levothyroxine (T4) and 9 mcg of liothyronine (T3) for each 65 mg (1 grain) of the labeled content of thyroid."





Do you think the French version of Naturethroid has so much more t3 than the American version or.. are there two versions of Naturethroid?

My math would be 9 mcg of T3 per each grain (3) = 27 mcgs ?? Would this be right? That is almost 1/2 less than your figure of 65 mcgs of t3 from Naturethroid.

Thank you for the clarification. It makes sense to me. Mind you, the Naturethroid is from the US.

But, I am curious if Clutter will advise differently?

For now, this AM I took 25mcg.

I would go with whatever Clutter advises. I am sure she has advised hundreds of patients and she would know from the feedback if her advice is sound. She is also more familiar with synthetic t3 dosing than I. Do track your temperature and heart rate, ready to back down on your dosage if either gets too high.

Phoenix, There is only one NatureThroid. 3 grains contains 27mcg T3 + 114mcg T4 which is equivalent to 65mcg T3.

I must be dumb as a post because I don't 'get it'. How is 27 mcg of T 3 in Naturethroid equal to 65 mcgs of synthetic T3? Not challenging you, my friend. Just confused but I plead total ignorance of synthetic T 3 meds. That is probably the source of my comprehension problem.

Phoenix, 27mcg T3 plus 114mcg T4 in 3 grains NatureThroid is equivalent to 65mcg T3.

I would love to know where to buy T3 please.

There is not, and cannot be, a French version of any desiccated thyroid product. It is illegal in France.

Hi happy for you :) hope you feel great on it could you tell me how you got it an how much if you wouldn't mind

I purchased 5 boxes of 100 pills at 25mcg and it was 37.50 euros.

Could you please private message me where you bought the T3 ? Ging

Please PM Clutter for all the websites!! She is the expert on all this and I used the websites she gave me!!πŸ˜„ Each website is different.

Would you also pm me with the supplier details please.

Please PM Clutter for all the websites!! She is the expert on all this and I used the websites she gave me!! Each website is different.

Sorry to be redundant, but I have received numerous requests..and I want to make sure everyone gets the thorough info that I received from Clutter.πŸ˜„

Hi, May I just ask what brand only of t3 did you choose.


Sure. Tiromel.πŸ˜„

Thanks, hope it's going good on your first day. ,πŸ˜ƒ

Thank you. So far so good, but of course too soon. However, no headaches today which feels nice...πŸ˜„

Thanks for the reply that's great . Good price :) would you be able to send me details of who an how you purchased I am hashi really not good my doc won't give me anything else only t4 . Thanks again

Oh thank you :) :) I will look ASAP

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