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waiting hos apt, 1st 3blood results, any advise im very new to this....help!

hi i was wondering if anyone could help?!

I had a new patient check up with my docs and my other half asked if my bloods could be checked for thyriod (he has under active and throught i had some symptoms) so my bloods were checked and doc said i had over active thyriod.

Im now waiting for a hospital appointment and i have bloods taken ever month while i wait.

Docs called yday and wanted to check if i had my appointment as he was concerned about my results. the doc is now chasing the appointment with the hospital.

This has made me very concerned as to what is going on in my body....i have got the blood results as below. Can anyone adivse on what on earth is going on? the details on the results say that i have gone from over active to under active?!?!

Many thanks

11/5/15 T4 (value) 20.4 (range) 10.5-26

TSH (value) 0.07 (range) 0.35-4.5

11/6/15 TSH (value) 0.41 (range) 0.35-4.5

8/7/15 T4 (value) 9.4 (range) 10.5-26

TSH (value) 9.5 (range) 0.35-4.5

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Welcome to the forum, Vix_xx.

How much Carbimazole are you taking?


nothing, no meds at all, waiting to see consultant at hospital.....


Vix, TSH 0.07 with FT4 20.5 was never hyperthyroid. TSH was below range but would have been <0.03 with FT4 >26 if you were hyperthyroid.

June TSH was within normal range but July results are hypothyroid because TSH is high and FT4 below range. I don't understand why your GP hasn't prescribed Levothyroxine. You should ask and maybe get a second opinion from another GP at the practice if he refuses.

Ask your GP to test thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin antibodies. Positive results for one or both confirms autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's).




thank you for your reply.

the report from the lab for May says "low TSH; causes include subclinical hyperthyroidism"

Im hoping my hosital appointment arrives soon to look into this further!


Vix, low TSH in isolation doesn't mean hyperthyroid. FT4 &/or FT3 have to be over range too if a patient is hyperthyroid.

My TSH is <0.01 due to medication but my FT4 and FT3 are within range so I am neither hyperthyroid nor over medicated.


and Julys lab report says " TFTs now showing raised TSH with low FT4. cumlative results may suggest thyroiditis which is now entering a hyprthyroid phase


Vix, that's why I suggested you ask for thyroid antibodies to be tested. Thyroiditis is autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's). When you have a Hashi attack on the thyroid it kills off cells which dump thyroid hormone into the blood stream and may cause low TSH. There will be less thyroid to produce hormone after and TSH will rise in response to low FT4.

Your FT4 has dropped very low and this is why your TSH has risen so much. The change within 3 months is considerable. It often takes years for levels to change so much.




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