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hypothyroidism and hyperlipedemia need advices

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I have hypothyroidism since 2 years , now I am on 175 Mg thyroxine treatment with controlled thyroxine and TSH levels.But since 1 year I discovered high cholesterol, triglycerid and low HDL and high VLDL and LDL .i used simvastatin 20 mg per day and fibril 200 mg per day with constructive fatty diet but still I cannot decrease my hyperlipedemia . So please if any person tell me what to do ? With my best regards.

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adnanalnajjar30, it will help members advise if you post your recent thyroid and cholesterol results with the lab ref ranges.

Cholesterol may be raised when TSH is elevated and thyroid hormes low but will usually revert to normal when optimally dosed on thyroxine.

Familial hyperlipidemia is a genetic condition requiring medication, diet and exercise to lower levels and reduce risk nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/enc...

I send now my results

Really I had genetic as you said but can I take staton and fibril too to decrease both cholesterol and triglycerides? As well as levothyroxine ? And are there will be a side effect or drug abuse?

Adnan, If you post your thyroid results with the lab ref ranges we can advise whether you are optimally medicated.

You need to discuss how to control hyperlipidemia with your doctor. As far as I'm aware statins are contraindicated with hypothyroidism and Levothyroxine and I thought you were taking fibrates instead of statins for this reason. I have no idea whether statins and fibrates can, or should be, taken together.

Great thanks

RFU, It isn't simple. Hyperlipidemia can be genetic and may not have anything to do with thyroid levels.

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You may not be on sufficient thyroid hormones or may need the addition of T3 to levothyroxine (T4).

Higher cholesterol is a clinical symptom of hypothyroidism and should have reduced if your thyroid hormones were at an optimum level.

Statins should be the last resort is my personal opinion and I don't think you are feeling to good. Do You feel well and healthy and just your cholesterol is bothering you?


As you are on statins I don't think it is wise to stop quickly but if you can get a new blood test i.e. TSH, T4, T3, Free T4 and Free T3 and post on a new question. Do not take thyroid hormones before the blood test which should be as early as possible and fast. You can have water and take levo afterwards.

Take any supplements or other medications 4 hours apart from levo.

I would change your doctor and I note what a colleague has stated re Hyperlipidemia:


Really I had genetic hyperlipedemia as well as new hypothyroidism but statin is lowering cholesterol so what is about fibril which decrease triglycerid too which I did but is it OK to take both ? With levothyroxine ? And even with them still I had hyperlipedemia??

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shawsAdministrator in reply to adnanalnajjar30

According to this link, thyroid hormone replacement to an optimum level can assist with Hyperlipidemia. It is commonly associated with both primary and secondary hypothyroidism. The lipid values decreased with treatment of hypothyroidism.

Excerpt: Type IIa hyperlipidemia was the most common lipid abnormality in patients with primary hypothyroidism, whereas type IIb was the most common in those with secondary hypothyroidism. Total/high-density lipoprotein cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein/high-density lipoprotein cholesterol ratios were increased in both male and female patients with primary and secondary hypothyroidism, and they decreased with restitution of the euthyroid state, although this decrease achieved statistical significance only in female patients. Significant associations with total thyroxine were noted for total cholesterol and triglycerides and with thyroid-stimulating hormone (thyrotropin) for total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. Thus, both primary and secondary hypothyroidism are commonly associated with an atherogenic lipid profile, which improves with replacement of thyroid hormone."

How long ago were you diagnosed with hypothyroidism? What dose of levothyroxine are you taking? On the following link dated 2003 it is recommended but I doubt these patients had hypothyroidism as well.:-

"Conclusions: Treatment with atorvastatin for 12 months was effective and safe for pediatric subjects with known familial hypercholesterolemia or severe hypercholesterolemia.


I am not medically qualified, of course but if you've only just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism it may be that thyroid hormone replacement will be ul in reducing your cholesterol level but your doctor should be willing to add T3 to your T4 (liothyronine to levothyroxine). Cholesterol is also needed by our bodies for a particular function, so I doubt it should go too low. The prescription stated in the above link above would appear to be only for 1 year. The aim for the GP is to get your TSH to around 1 or below - whichever makes you feel better.

Get new blood tests for your thyroid hormones and get a copy of the results and post on a new question (do mention hyperlipidemia too). Tests: TSH, T4, T3, Free T4 and Free T3. If you've not had Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate tested, ask for these too as we are usually deficient.

Blood Test: Have the earliest possible appointment . Leave 24 hours since last dose of levo and test as it may skew results and fast (you can drink water). Take levo after test.

Take thyroid hormones on wakening and wait approx 1 hour before eating. Some foods interfere with medication. Leave 4 hours between hormones and supplements. Some prefer bedtime dosing, in that case you must leave 2 hours after eating before taking hormones. If you've had a fatty meal it should be longer. Food can interfere with the uptake.

RFU, *groan* I hope we don't have to start asking people what their natural hair colour was :-D

Thanks, really I had genetic hyperlipidemia . So what to do with both hypothyroidism and hyperlipedemia?

Really I had genetic hyperlipedemia so what I have to do if you re read my first message with thanks?

I had genetic hyperlipedemia so what is your advise?

I did as you said and the same result / I think I had genetic hyperlipemia

I do not understand you ?

What do you mean by deadheads ? And second what is your know about those look like my case as you said ?

My hair is black dear! Sorry for wrong typing ( dead head which i mean red head) with thanks

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