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Dr Kinsella

Hi, can anyone on here give me any info on Dr Kinsella, Harley street London. Have any of you people had good results from him? I have hashimotos disease and believe my t3 is on the low side but not enough for the nhs to treat. I'm wanting to see a good specialist who will do reverse t3 testing and hopefully prescribe NDT ( natural eradicated thyroid) for me to try. I'd like to hear any experiences before I make an appointment. It's very difficult to tell if you're money will be well spent!

Thank you!

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CrazyKoala, email to see whether Dr.Kinsella is on the member recommended list of endos.

You can order FT3 and rT3 blood tests via Genova and Blue Horizon

If you post your recent thyroid results with the lab ref ranges members will comment and advise.


Thank you! I will check he's on the list..


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