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Thyroid antibodies

Does anybody know how long it could take for your thyroud to go downhill/diminish?

I got diagnosed with thyroid antibodies 4-5 years ago and all of a sudden May of last year I started to have a quick progression of serious symptoms which includes weightlloss, eyesight issues, vomiting and nausea, nail changes koilynikia/spoon shaped nails, swollen feeling in lower legs and muscle and bone pain

My thyroud has been fluctuating ever since to sub clinical hypo with low vitamin d and b12 levels

Is this normal ? Or could something more serious be happening here?

I'm a 37 year old male

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It can take years before symptoms appear and even then the odd symptom or too could easily suggest something else. With hindsight I can say loud snoring which became very loud about two years before I was diagnosed was my first noticeable symptom. I am sorry that I have no knowledge of your symptoms although I suffer from a heaviness in the legs.

Suggest if not doing so supplement with D3 ( or plenty of sun) and with 5000mcg of methyl cobalamin B12.


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