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Got my results!

So, after three calls and a personal visit, I got a copy of my results. When I called about them on Thursday, I was told they are all "normal - no action."

If I'd believed that six years ago, I wouldn't be here now.

On this occasion, MCV has come back sufficiently below range for the lab to have added a four line note explaining what should be done now. Basically I need a ferritin test. I asked for one last week and was refused on the grounds that it was "all right last year". It would appear that it may not be all right now.

I despair of the NHS, I really do. It makes me sad that I have to fight them every step of the way.

Next week I will need to book a telephone call with a(nother) doctor, probably go up and collect a blood form, take time off work again to get the test done and then have the same hassle getting the results.

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Wow. I wish I could say I was surprised but, well, you know...

When you get your ferritin tested, see if you can get B12 done as well, as low MCV is often a sign of B12 deficiency.


B12 came back as 773 (191-663) so that's OK, but there s a long history of serious ferritin deficiency and judging by the lab comments, it is possible it's happening again.


Sorry could you please tell me what MCV is. I'm sure it will be obvious but can't think. Many Thanks.


Mean Corpuscle Volume.


Information about most blood tests available in the UK is readily available here:

High MCV possibly indicates B12 deficiency. Low MCV possibly indicates iron-deficiency. Unusual red blood cell shapes affect the interpretation, e.g. sickle-cell anaemia.


I did not find it useful. I wonder if I click on the wrong item. Too general.


Fornels there is a search function on the site to find specific tests but I find the CBC page helpful for white and red blood cell info


I will check it once more. I need to understand my numbers better. Thanks


Thank you Helvella.


So you got the actual results them on here so we can help


I'm OK with them all,thanks. It's the principle of the thing. If we can't trust our doctors to interpret our results properly ...


After pushing for Vit tests for over a year, and being refused, and then actually getting the GP to agree, and the lab saying No, I finally was tested for Vit D. GP said he was happy with the results. I was delayed in getting the printed results but 6 weeks later I picked them up to see my Vit D was 8 (range started at 30). I rang the practice and pointed this out, but had to wait 2 weeks to actually get a prescription. I asked the practice manager for an explaination and was told "oh these things happen!".

If I had not checked the results, I would never have known, so please, always, always get a print out of your results.


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