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How can they ignore this??

Someone please tell me I'm not crazy. Hoshimotos with TPOs over 600, thyroid labs normal however I requested they get re drawn yesterday so as soon as I've got the results I will post them. The last two doctors I have seen have come right out and said to me that these symptoms cannot be caused by hoshimotos. That the dizziness and anxiety and feeling of falling asleep all the time and palpitations cannot be caused by hoshimotos. Tell me they are incorrect as they are all now starting to try to veer me in the direction that I am anxious and depressed when I was never this way and don't feel depressed just hopeless at times and scared. I will post my results as soon as I get them just someone tell me I'm not crazy.

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You're not crazy, no, your doctors are just uneducated. There are many many more people in the same situation as you, I'm afraid.

Do you have a copy of your blood test results? If so, post them here and people will be better able to help you. If not, ask for a copy. It's your legal right to have one. :)


Funnigembunni, you are not going crazy. Your doctors simply don't understand how Hashimoto's can impact on health even though bloods are euthyroid.

I've suggested before that you may be able to help reduce Hashi flares and antibodies by adopting a gluten-free diet and you may get more help from a functional doctor or naturopath in managing Hashimoto's.

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Unfortunately, nowadays doctors don't know the clinical symptoms and can sometimes misinterpret blood tests. If you look down the first column to see an interpretation. With hashimotos the thyroid hormones can wax and wane and maybe that's how they've come to the conclusion if they've only gone by your blood test and not taken note of your antibodies .

Hashimotos is an Autoimmune Thyroid Disease and this is an explanation:

As greygoose suggests, get a copy of your blood tests with the ranges and post a new question.

The doctors/endos are apt to diagnose only by the blood test and ignore patients' symptoms.


Hi funny, you are not crazy but I'm afraid you are in a world of crazies when it comes to this. These also are adrenal symptoms but all your hormones may be involved since they support one another. This video can explain and worth viewing because conventional medicine knows little about these processes.


Because they have a vested interest in supplying levothyroxine, they buy in by attending the free conferences etc.


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