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Hi can anyone interpret these bloods for me. Serum free T4 13.7 (9.0-19.0) range. Serum TSH 3.16 (0.2-4.0) gp says high blood pressure is NOT thyroid related, tiredness could be chronic fatigue syndrome and thyroid levels are normal. Thanks 😟

I should add the bloods were done whilst taking Levo 150mg. The Dr said not taking it would not affect the result as its in the blood stream.

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  • TSH is far too high for someone on meds and t4 is too low, and you have symptoms. You're probably undermedicated. GP is a tw@t. If you had taken your Levo before the test, the result is even worse! Might be time to ask for a referral to a sympathetic endo.

  • Thanks for the reply. The endo I saw last time basically told me to go away and lose weight. Well I have lost two stone on the fasting diet. Joined a gym and go swimming and still feel exactly the same!!

  • I would feel absolutely dreadful if my TSH was that high. Before my last dose increase, my TSH was 2.something, and I could hardly function.

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