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Back on to Armour help please

Hi helpful people of this forum,

I took Armour for about 4 months and found optimal dose (about 2.5g) and had good t3/t4 levels but due to circumstances beyond my control I have been on Levothyroxine for the last 8 wks.

I want to start on Armour again and I am just wondering if I have to start at a small dose (.5 of a grain) again and build my way up or whether I can do a direct switch back to my old dose (which is equivalent to my t4 dose - 100 mcg).

I would find it strange if I should have to start low again seeing as I did a direct switch from armour to Levo (2.5g to 100mcg) with no problem, surely it would work the other way (100mcg to 2.5g)?

Thanks for all help


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I personally do not see any problem with a straight switch


Many thanks for your reply fed up :)


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