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Hello All,

Not really sure where to start here. Been struggling with aching, tiredness, tenderness, brain fog etc. for 6 or 7 years now. Haven't had a proper job for the past two years. Been told I have Fibro Myalgia type illness. Doctor is trying to put me on anti depressants (I am not depressed but am obviously fed up with being tired) I finally agreed to go for counselling as refusing to take antidepressants seemed to become an issue between me and the GP's. Therapist says I am not depressed. He suggested that I might have a thyroid or parathyroid problem but reading results makes my head hurt and I don't really know what to look for or if they have tested me correctly. I am told what the GPs say is normal is not necessarily a good indication. Any advice greatly received



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LouiseUpNorth, normal is a very broad range and where your result is in the range is telling about how your thyroid is performing. Ask your GP receptionist or practice manager for a printout of your recent blood results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after the results) and post them in a new question for advice.


I was once diagnosed with Fibro - way back in 2000. In 2005 I was diagnosed with a thyroid problem. As my treatment progressed so did my health and the pain lessened.

When we see your thyroid test results with ranges - people will be able to help you - as Clutter has already mentioned....


Do you know what your TSH is? Between 0.something to 4.2 is normal apparently, but my GP says it's best if it's between 0.5 and 1.5. Mine is 0.7 but I still feel very unwell. Brain fog, joint pain, extreme tiredness. Am going to see my GP today as had loads of different test last week, hope I get some answers..


....don't forget to ask for copies of your tests - with ranges. Then you can post here for advice :-)

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Sounds like GP is not listening very well? Interesting?! Loads of well researched health articles

Might be worth getting levels of B12 ( D vitamins and iron levels checked too?

I was on and off anti depressants for years but recently read that some types can wreck thyroid function. At a time when I should have been most depressed (diagnosed with late stage cancer) I was not on anti depressants but worked on improving diet and supplementing with vitamins such as D3/K2 high strength drops. I am not sure what did the trick but felt happier than I had in years. Good luck :-)

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Hi Louise you have all the symptoms of fibromyalgia and yes you have a thyroid problem. ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia are all inadequate thyroid hormone in the body.

When the body gets too little T3 then calcium irons stay in the muscle cells and contract the muscle, it then sends pain signals into the central nervous system and this is the pain you are feeling in the muscles. If you feel the muscle you can often find a trigger point, a hard lump under your finger. If you do then gently press it and try to massage it out although it will be painful.

Dr Lowe's work is exemplary and he was the world expert and my doctor in the USA. I was cripped with it but with him and his wife's help I am now free of the debilitating illness. Blood testing really won't do much to solve the problem and most likely T4 on it's own may make things worse, it did with me.

T3 is the way to go but it's finding an doctor that understands what has to be done.

The cure is:

Adequate thyroid hormone, preferably T3


Ultra sound on the tight muscles on a continual beam, not pulse

Exercise to tolerance (I don't mean running but keeping the body moving as much as possible.

I can email you some information of Dr Lowe works and you can perhaps find a doctor that will understand that you need T3. A urine test maybe best to confirm your lack of this hormone.

My email address is:


Hi Louise,

Definitely ask for your B12, ferritin and folate levels to be checked on your next blood test, also VitD. When your thyroid isn't good all these can be low too.

Often B12 deficiency and underactive thyroid go hand in hand. I have also been told I have fibromyalgia. My doctor has currently agreed to me having B12 injections more frequently, and I think the fibromyalgia has eased. It's all trial and error, and persuading our doctors to listen to us. Good luck. MariLiz

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Low dose antidepressants are an accepted treatment for Fibro in mainstream medicine not because they treat depression but because they help with pain, fatigue and sleep although how they do this is not understood.

They do not however treat the underlying cause which can be due to a number of things including low thyroid, low adrenal function, gut problems and toxicity due partly to hypothyroid but also poor detoxification capacity.

It's best to see someone like a Functional medicine doctor, a naturopath or nutritionist who understands Fibro.

Hope you get some effective treatment soon.

Best wishes

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"Diagnosing" you with fibromyalgia is the equivalent of "diagnosing" you with a headache. You don't care what it is called, you want to know what is causing it.


You need

Thyroid Antibodies


Free T4

Free T3



Vit b12

Vit D3

with all those we will know whats going on

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Hi Louise. Do you take any supplements .I have fm too. And hashimotos uat. And diabetic too but recently have seen a natural dr .and have had to give up Caffeine sweetners. Proccesed foods diet coke.milk and gluten .plus add more wholefoods I drink a pint of water on waking and a pint before each meal. I also take omega 3. And a good multivitamin. Us vit d. As well as vit b complex and selinuim . It has really helped. And hope this helps you too .



I was diagnosed with fibro myalgia and suffered with it for about 15 years. I had all the symptoms you describe plus a few more - I even had a blue badge!!!

I'd already been diagnosed with hypo and was treated for this.

I then read an article on the net which literally changed my life. I read that 80% of fibro myalgia sufferers don't have it - they're actually suffering from a vit D deficiency. I asked my GP for a test - he expressed surprise that in spite of my having been a vegetarian for over 30 yars and seeing numerous gps and 4 consultants no one had ever suggested I be tested for vit D deficiency. My test came back that I was seriously vit D deficient. I have been on supplements for 3 years. I am infinitely better - no longer need a blue badge. I still have problems with muscle wastage due to suffering so long.

When my symptoms first started, I was diagnosed with asthma and used inhalers for years. When my symptoms got worse, I was told it was fibro myalgia. I didn't have either complaint. I had read about vit D deficiency, never read what the symptoms are and I thought because I get more sun than most people, I couldn't be vit D deficient. I didn't know that being hypo causes problems with storing vit D within the body.

A simple blood test and supplements literally changed my life.

Fingers crossed it could be the same for you.

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