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Thyroid Triumph

Hi All,

I just wanted to share a wonderful success story - it's not mine but was shared with me to give me encouragement. First let me tell you what's going on with me. My GP has manage my hypothyroidism for the past 4 years. Over these years I noticed my symptoms were getting worse and so I started researching why. It never occurred to me to get my lab results from her. If I'd gotten them sooner I would have seen that I was grossly Undermedicated and saved myself a lot of time and energy. What happened is my TSH jumped to 8.2 this June and I just crashed. Luckily, by this time I'd found another doctor who is putting me on the right track and trying to get my TSH under 1.5 to see if I feel good there and then go from there. He did say my case is "easy" which made me a bit hesitant (we all know this is not easy when we are trying to level out) so I have another appoint with a different doctor next week.

Let me get back to sharing this success story. As a result of my crash I've been out of work and a close work colleague gave me a call. I'm very private do I haven't shared too much but since he did call I shared my struggles with him. This was his response:

Oh no do you remember when I had to drop out of graduate school because I told you my brother had become suicidal? Well it was a result of his thyroid being out of whack. At first my brother started complaining that he wasn't well. He kept going to the Doctor but the Doctor could fine nothing physically wrong with him. Then he started having anxiety and panic attacks. His doctor started prescribing antidepressants and sent him to a mental health counselor. All this time I watched my brother go through this and saw that none of these measures were helping. My brother was so miserable that he started contemplating suicide because e knew he was ill physically but no one believed him. The family rallied around him and took watch over him to make sure he didn't do anything to hurt himself and continued to try doctor after doctor. Finally, no joke here, one night I had a dream that my brother needed to have his thyroid checked (my friend has a background in physical therapy and is wholistic) not traditionally doctor would do it so they found a naturopath and guess what bingo his thyroid was not functioning the way it should! It took 3 or 4 months to get his dosage correct but once it was it was like a switch went off! My brother became an entirely new person. He's successful, happily married, father of two kids. Thyroid treatment works when you have a doctor that gets it right. Oh and my brother does avoid all foods that exacerbate his condition- I know he avoids gluten for sure!

I did not share names out of respect to my friend but wanted to share this short to spread encouragement to all of us just starting, or restarting, this journey. You know I don't remember going on thyroid medication the first time being this tough. I guess that's the wonderful thing about us, we tend to forget the really bad memories and hold on to the good. Please share any success stories you may have so that we all can continue to be encouraged.



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What a lovely ending for your friend, l hope your health improves too!

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Thank you for sharing your friends story. I'm always so happy when I read about people getting their lives back again, it certainly gives me hope 😊

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That's a wonderful, happy ending. There are a lot of people suffering out there, having no clue that the problem is there thyroid. It is difficult trying to explain to people that there Dr isn't always right, people don't even like to ask for blood test results. I have just ordered 100 business cards from the sttm site so I can just give them to people, rather than trying to explain and hopefully spread the word.


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